Welcome to Tulip Women’s Healthcare Centre

The journey of a woman’s life from the Womb to the Tomb must be enjoyable, healthy, well informed and of the finest quality. We strive to be a part of that beautiful journey in every way we can.

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About Tulip Women’s Healthcare Centre

At Tulip Healthcare we believe in individualised personal attention for women.
Care is taken to involve women and their relatives in all aspects of planning and decision making at every level of their Ante natal course and other treatment plans.
The maximum focus is on Information – Correct and Scientific Information in simple understandable language.
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The Use of Water in Labour & Delivery

“ A woman who has once given Birth Underwater will never do so in any other way ever again ”

Lakshmi Bertram
Mother of 5 children … All born Underwater.

The birth of a child is the most satisfying moment of a couple’s life and yet the pain of labour remains unforgettable.
So lets understand what makes someone like Lakshmi Bertram undergo five labours and yet make a statement like this.

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Address Shyamkripa Bldg, Ground Floor,
15th Rd, Khar(W),
Behind Bombay Blue Restaurant,
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