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The journey of a woman’s life from the Womb to the Tomb must be enjoyable, healthy, well informed and of the finest quality. We strive to be a part of that beautiful journey in every way we can.

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I always had a desire to have a Hydro Birth Delivery. I had only read Articles about hydro birth Delivery. I was pregnant in the Year 2009 and was looking up articles for any hospital that has Hydro Birth Delivery in Mumbai. I came across Tulip Women’s Health Care Centre on Google website. I consulted my husband Bosco about this hospital and informed him how eager I was to have a hydro birth delivery. He said he would research about Hydro birth and would then go ahead with the plan. I called up the Tulip Women’s Health Care Centre and spoke to receptionist Anita and she fixed me an appointment. Anita was very kind and helpful when I met her for the first time. She knew like every other pregnant mother how nervous we are when we meet the doctor for the first time. She assured me that I was in safe hands.
When I met Dr. Rajeev Punjabi for the first time I was nervous. It was my first pregnancy I was newly married and experiencing new changes physically since it was my pregnancy. Dr. Rajeev really calmed me down by clearing my doubts the little fears I had about delivery pains and he explained how it would work. He was really patient and always answered my calls when I had minor issues. He never ever made me feel that he is busy and has always answered my calls even if it were the tiniest of things. The one thing I really loved about coming to Tulip hospital was Dr. Rajeev would have these sessions where he would educate the couple about pregnancy and different types of delivery. He really made pregnancy seem like a wonderful journey. He explained about caesarean, Forceps and normal and hydro delivery. He explained about breast feeding and cleared doubts about the myths people have during pregnancy.
The staff in Tulip Women’s care health was kind and they are very prompt. They take care of you and make you feel comfortable and understand your pain. To all those who fear about having Hydro birth don’t be scared. It is absolutely safe. My in-laws too were afraid If my child would drown in water but Dr. Rajeev cleared their doubts. He gave them articles to read and educate them self how the Hydro birth works. He told them it was completely safe and explained to them how and when a child starts breathing under water. Once they understood they too supported me in going ahead for hydro birth delivery. I had full faith in Dr. Rajeev as he has 10 plus years of experience in this field. I am happy and proud to say that Dr. Rajeev is an excellent doctor and completely reliable. His Knowledge about deliveries and about his profession is up to mark. I would really recommend you to have a wonderful experience in Tulip Hospital.
My daughter is today 2 years and 5 months old. She had a safe delivery I need to add this I love the thought of Dr. Rajeev allowing the husband to be a part of the entire delivery from start to finish. I love the education he has given first time fathers how to handle pregnant wife’s and the new born babies. When I was delivering my daughter I was held by my husband and when she was delivered the first thing she saw was both of us. I still remember her tiny eyes looking at both of us. My Mom and my in-laws waited patiently in the lobby and was the happiest to see my little girl Caitlyn. To all those who are reading this article today. I would say please take the best care of your wife’s it’s a very mixed feeling stage. There is happiness, pain , anxiety and love. Be with every step of the way. Be supportive. With Dr. Rajeev you can have full faith that a pregnant mother and the child to be will be safe. Husbands always be at your wife’s side because the pain you have the entire nine months in different parts of your body and cramps is hard to describe. God blessed me with a wonderful Husband Bosco and sweet daughter Caitlyn.
Thank you Dr. Rajeev for your life time memory of Tulip.

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