Welcome to Tulip Women’s Healthcare Centre

The journey of a woman’s life from the Womb to the Tomb must be enjoyable, healthy, well informed and of the finest quality. We strive to be a part of that beautiful journey in every way we can.

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Tulip Team

Dr. Deepak Ugra

M D Paediatrics

President Elect, Indian Academy of Paediatrics
Consultant Paediatrician – Lilavati Hospital, Bandra (W), Mumbai, India

  • Besides his tremendous Academic achievements in the field of Paediatrics, Dr. Deepak Ugra has been a private practitioner since .
  • He attends most of our deliveries at Tulip both planned and emergency as well as our Waterbirths.
  • His dedication to Neonatalogy has been the cornerstone of safe birthing practices at Tulip.
  • He also runs Tulip’s Paediatric OPD thrice a week and is responsible for our Immunisation Programme.
  • His professional approach has won him accolades and most of our newborns continue to grow under his care later as well.

Dr. Avani R Punjabi

M D Anaesthesiology – Mumbai University, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India

  • Diploma Anaesthesiology – Mumbai University, India
  • Diploma Accupuncture – Mumbai, India
  • Epidural Analgesia Practitioner
  • After extensive Intensive care experience at Tata Memorial Hospital and Maternity experience at Wadia Hospital, Mumbai, she started her Consultant Practice in 2000.
  • She looks after Tulip’s Anaesthesia Department and is our Emergency Anaesthetist as well.
  • She specializes in Epidural Analgesia for Pain Relief during Labour.
  • She is also attached to Holy Family Hospital, Bandra(W), Mumbai as a Consultant Anaesthetist.

She is the back bone of our Operation Theatre and Emergency Management systems constantly upgrading our equipment and maintaining standards of healthcare at Tulip.

Dr. Usha Desai

M D Paediatrics – Mumbai University, India

Diploma Child Health – College of Physicians & Surgeons, Mumbai, India
Ex Head Medical Division and Consultant IAEA – BARC, Mumbai, India
Ex Visiting Geneticist – Institute of Human Genetics, Gottingen, Germany

  • She is our Visiting Paediatrician & Genetics Expert.
  • She handles post natal counseling, breastfeeding advice and looks after our Newborns and mothers with professional expertise and the love and affection that radiates from her at all times.
  • She is very popular with our New Mothers.
  • She handles Genetic Counselling at Tulip.

Dr. Anand Joshi

  • Our Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon, he is arguably one of the best in Mumbai, with tremendous popularity due to his professionalism and his personal touch.
  • He performs Liposuction, Lipectomy, Breast Implant, Reduction, Hair Transplant, Body Contouring and Every Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery done worldwide.
  • He has made Plastic Surgery safe and affordable and brought it into the common women’s domain.

Laboratory : ( Outsourced )

Dr. Rita Nichanaki’s Laboratory, Bandra(W), Mumbai, has been our Pathology and Biochemistry lab since inception.
Constantly upgrading standards, Dr. Rita has ot her lab ISO certified and is rigid about maintaining quality and affordability.

Dr. Badhe’s Ajanta Clinic, Khar(W), Mumbai, has also been looking after our pathology work since inception. Dr. Badhe has always looked after our newborns’ pathology requirements with utmost expertise and affection.

Panel Consultants at Tulip :

  • Dr. Nasreen Kapdi — Anaesthesiologist
  • Dr. Nandita Dubey – Gynaec Endoscopist
  • Dr. Rajesh Chokhani – Paediatrician
  • Dr. Arshad Ghulam Mohd. – General Surgeon
  • Dr. Gautam Goel – General & Laparoscopic Surgeon
  • Dr. Monica Goel – Physician
  • Dr. Anil Ballani – Physician & Cardiologist
  • Dr. Shaunak Parekh – Ophthalmologist

Besides the above we have a long list of Consultants of all Specialities and Super Specialities who visit Tulip on call as and when needed.


Ms. Rekha Advani

  • Our full time Administrator.
  • She handles Patient registrations, Billing, Consultant relations, Taxation and Accounts efficiently and yet keeps a smile on her face all the time !!
  • She has experience of about 20 years in Hospital Administration and has been our administrative backbone since inception.
  • She looks after staff and protocol issues while constantly planning and implementing newer policies to improve patient experience.
  • She conducts audits of our statistics and handles government reporting.


Nurses : Fidelis, Mangala, Sushila, Pushpa, Seema, Bharati, Sheetal, Laxmi, Sheela

Maternity nurses who understand a pregnant woman’s anxieties and care for them like family. Our staff has consistently won our patients’ hearts for the tender loving care they offer besides the skill required of nurses. Tireless in their efforts to serve, they work selflessly, making Tulip the preferred choice of women who have come here.

Hospital Attendants : Savitri, Ashwini, Sunita, Sujata

Hygiene, politeness, and maintenance of the homely feel at Tulip is largely their responsibility and they do a fantastic job of it. They also help the nurses whenever needed, to look after patient needs.

Secretary / Receptionist : Anita

Efficient and accurate, always smiling and ready to please. She handles the OPD service with a very personal touch. Very popular with our patients.

Ancillary Staff :

Man Friday : Motiram – The staff can’t seem to function without his help. Ever pleasing and hard working.

Watchman & Gardener